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Using Essential Oils Internally: Just don’t.

There are some companies (that I would love to name here, but slander and all that jazz) who continually advocate for the use of essential oils internally. They also seem to be the same places that are quick to sensationalize “cure-all” type talk that really gets under my skin (pun intended). ​

But here’s the thing… it’s a bad idea! For-the-most-part, essential oils are best when diffused into the air or smelt from the bottle. Then, sometimes they can be helpful used in products that go on the skin once they have been properly diluted in a carrier oil (such as olive oil, avocado, almond, whatever oil is not an essential oil). In extremely rare and really specific cases some oils have been used internally by individuals. But did you know it’s illegal for me to recommend that you use certain oils internally? Illegal. Unless you are a food or drug company (the vast majority of the world’s essential oil consumption is by food and drug companies).

It’s illegal because it’s kind of a big deal and potentially life-threatening. Pennyroyal is a poison in essential oil form, for example.