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Starting Solids the Evidence-Based Way

When my first daughter was at the age to start solids, our pediatrician handed me some pamphlets about solids made by a big formula/baby food company. That’s literally all he did – no discussion, no question and answer period for the first-time parent, just a handful of pamphlets. I was unmoved. I had expected more of the Dr. than that.

The pamphlets were just advertising. It was purely that company pushing me to buy their product. People, formula companies are not your friends they only want your money, as they have proven over and over in a sad historical track record of very huge money-driven catastrophic mistakes.

So not only was doc handing me advertisements that actually had very little real info in them, he had decided for me how I should feed my baby. With very overpriced, heavily processed boxed cereals. So heavily processed, let’s just be clear on this, that all the real nutrients were gone and had to be synthetically added back in.