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“I feel I am lucky that she was with me. Everyone left me at some time but she did not, she was there for everything day and night.” –Salma


Our goal is to make Sisterhood Wellness your one stop shop for sexual and relationship health, fertility, pre and post natal services, counseling and parenting support.

We each offer a unique set of skills that ensures that your experience with Sisterhood Wellness Collective will be holistic and comprehensive. Our practitioners offer services including aromatherapy, henna, placenta encapsulation, baby sign and individual, couples, family or fertility counselling.

​At our core we hold that individuals, parents and families deserve to be supported in the way they need and desire, for whatever their situation is.

We believe in informed choices, gentle, bias-free support and guidance. That each person has the right to birth way they want to, without pressure or fear.

Our Doulas support people and families who have become pregnant but won’t be continuing into parenthood either due to miscarriage, still birth, termination or adoption

We work in Toronto and the surrounding areas to build a community of support for the individuals we service.

We look forward to working with you,

Kyla, Sondra and Tynan

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