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Why Did I Become a Doula?

I’ve always prided myself in my ability to be comfortable in situations most people find uncomfortable. I remember when I started telling people about my interest in becoming a Doula. After I explained what a Doula was, by and large the responses I got was best summed up by my Oma, “you’re a gutsy little broad, aren’t you?” She thought I was completely nuts. “Tynan, there is nothing beautiful about birth,” she stared off into the distance without blinking, “nothing.”

The Best Safe-Sex Practices

No, it’s not abstinence! The user-failure rates of abstinence are much higher than any Catholic high school would care to admit [1]. We need to get real with ourselves and our children: young people have sex. Clumsy, exciting, nerve-wracking, exploratory, good, silly, sex!​